December 10th, 2002

disco star

the rest is mine, i guess the beauty and the mess... to hide...

i had another dream about packing and moving and sorting through things to get rid of the dead weight again last night. it's freaking DRIVING ME NUTS. only difference this time, was that i was doing it for my mom, that my mom was the one that was moving, but i was somehow connected with this, and was helping her go through things as i was tossing out all these old replicas of my childhood.

shoot me?
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    Nickel Creek - Beauty and the Mess
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tee hee hee...

i love having happy, positive horriblescopes:


G R E E T I N G S Pisces

The day is yours to enjoy to its fullest, Pisces. Everything seems to
take on a certain glow within your presence. Explore and celebrate
the wonders of your mind, body and spirit. Friends and loved ones
notice that there's something different about you. New acquaintances
just assume that you're always this fantastic. Smile and say thank
you when given a compliment. Someone new wants to get to know you
better. There are many possibilities when you keep an open mind.
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    Poe - Walk the Walk
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(no subject)

it's nice to know that Carnival's Leisure Shopper Cruise Desk is currently having Barry Manilow as their hold music.

*sways back and forth in time with the music*
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i'm poor this year. I may not be able to send Christmas cards. good thing, is that i got another free box from the Cristel House for doing the Christmas cd (still available for $14.95 at!), so i might squeak a few out. at any rate, email your addresses to, and if i can get some out, wonderful! if not, then maybe i'll surprise you with something down the road.

and for those that are wanting mine:

p. o. box 37804
phoenix, az 85069