December 13th, 2002

disco star

your first dawn blinded you, left you cursing the day...

last night/this morning, i had a dream of walking around at night, i couldn't see very well, and lionel ritchie was walking with me. my teeth kept falling out, in chunks, and i could TASTE it, and could feel the sharp chunks of my teeth as they literally fell apart in my mouth. i kept pulling the chunks out and LOOKING at them, trying to see them, but it was too dark. i had to pull a couple of the whole ones out of my mouth for some reason, and they came out, root and all. i turned to lionel, and said 'wow. it's amazing just how large a tooth really is."

to a dream interpreter, this is a VERY frightening dream (lionel ritchie aside..) teeth falling out symbolize MASSIVE change coming, usually not for the better, and the fact that it was dark and i couldn't see, means that light needs to be shed on the subject, so i can see it for what it really is. i used to have these sorts of dreams all the time, back when i lived in 6 states within 13 months, and almost every single one of the moves went horridly.

you can see why this terrifies me...

"there's no place to hide, and i'm nothing but scared..."
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*intercom comes on* "pssshhht. aubrey, your wake up call is holding on line one. aubrey? line one."
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angel let me help you with your wings....

back from happy hour. why does everyone still stare at me in disbelief when i answer their 'so, still not drinking?" question with a "no... diet coke, please."?!?


and i think i'll scream if one more person asks "so, just out of curiosity.... were you an alcoholic? i mean, were you having problems with your drinking?!?" yes, i was having problems spending too much money and problems with the feeling like crap the next day.


anyhoo, i sang fiona apple's "fast as you can", followed by "hello" (since i dreamed of the guy last night, i figured i could do one of his songs...), and dishwalla's "give", as well as duets on "reunited" (with stalker boy *shudder*) and a rockin rendition of "you've lost that lovin feeling" with gary en route to the back door. what fun that song be.

anyhoo... my pathetic self hath purchased some 'no sugar added' ice cream (on sale!), as well as some 'no sugar added' chocolate chip cookies, so i will soon be donning my tanky toppy and undies and curling up under my velvet comforter to watch bad friday night tv and eat myself silly.

thank you.

you are now returned to your normally scheduled weekend.
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