December 14th, 2002

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lazy day...

it's a lazy saturday... i have my two nickel creek cd's and one of the wonderful mixed ones that pasquinade sent me in my cd changer and the 'random' button hit. makes for a very happy start to a day.

nevermind i've been up for four hours. i'm a slow starter, kay?

thanks so much to lines and aubreymcfate for the wonderful cards and the beautiful sentiments written therein. you are both wonderful people, and i'm glad that i met you.

on the schedule for today? well, after i am done inhaling my burned toast, and downing my old mocha coffee, i'm planning on taking more steps to get caught up on daily things that i neglect during the week, i.e. dishes. *shudder* and that laundry thing i keep hearing about. geez. i'm ON it, i'm ON it!!
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amazing how things work out in the end...

so, i found out recently that a cute boy from school, one of the preppy boys that i had a miniature crush on until he became one of the group of boys that would chase me home by throwing rocks at me in the 8th grade...

.. i found out he died. apparantly, he became seriously involved in drugs and had a rough life before dying at age 25 or something like that.

i often wonder what happened to other people i knew in grade/high school and how they turned out.
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(no subject)

Pictures from the dream concert of the year that i didn't get to go to because i'm a poor, in debt, horrid piece of human being.

granted, last year's dream concert was Better than Ezra and Eve6, so maybe i'll look back next year and go "wtf?"

something else i am discovering... The Beatles were quite good.

obladi, oblada....
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maybe i'm not there, but i'm still trying...

in cleaning out a few things and deciding what to get rid of, i came across an old jewelry holder thingamabob that my friend joe's parents gave to me for Christmas many years ago.

inside, i found old fall leaves from the trees that stood in the front yard of the last house that my family lived in up in washington state, back when we were living together for the last time as a 'full' family, some 10 years ago.

i almost cried.

especially because i moved away from my family, the trees were cut down, and mom went to prison.

i think i'll hang onto that container for a bit longer.
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