December 17th, 2002

disco star

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i woke up this morning, feeling like i'm DYING.

i'm so freaking WEAK. i'm so freaking CONGESTED. my throat feels like i swallowed a lava lamp after it had been turned on too long and it broke in my throat.

i wanna go hooooooooome.

but i can't.

not until mid january.
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    Enigma - Return to Innocence
disco star

there's more to living than only surviving...

wooow. i just came across a bunch of lyrics that i had worked on during the summer... and they're all so.... so...


very, very, depressing lyrics, VERY pessimistic lyrics, all about fighting through life and getting kicked in the face at every turn.


amazing how things change in just a few months.
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    America - Walking Man's Road