December 23rd, 2002

disco star

knowing how hard it hurts when we fall...

So, i go home during lunch, and start dinking with my beaaaautiful mandolin. i look up chords... and figure out cheaty ways to do some of them (um.. with the more elaborate versions.. my hands just aren't prepared to MOVE that way, yet...), thanks to the tabs i got for "Losing My Religion"... , and thusly, can now play "Reasons Why" through, just not the intricate part at the end yet. Since I am unable to play guitar and mando simultaniously, it remains to be seen as to whether or not it 'fits' the song correctly, seeing as we play it down a half step, so i can't play along with the cd... So, i look up at the clock, and see that i COMPLETELY spaced time, and that by the time i get back, i would have taken a 2 hour lunch.


and, practically no one else on EARTH understands my unbridled joy at getting a mandolin. i don't think joe even realized i would react the way i did. this instrument just makes me so...... so HAPPY. it's what i always wanted for the next year.

although, now that i can say 'i'm a mandolin player', i'm getting the same response that we did when we said we had an accordion player.. "you got aaaaa.... mando....LIN?" with an askew look on their faces.

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