December 24th, 2002

disco star

C is for 'cookie' and that's good enough for me...

so, here i am... at 7 am on Christmas Eve. The phone hasn't rang once *knocks on wood*, and i forsee only the lonely and the idiots calling in today. *sigh* i can certainly see why, when spending time with family they haven't seen in forever, that "booking a cruise" is not on their top priority list.

i'm certain that there will be a few that have nothing better to do.

i think that there's going to be like 5 or 6 of us here, too, which seems ludicrous. ah, well, i'm not to complain TOO loudly, afterall, i'm making double time today >:) (read: my regular hourly, plus 8 hours holiday pay...)

i'm sitting here in a festive red sweater and black skirt, as i'm sposed to go to a church thing immediately after work with nutty and pookie143, although i AM wearing my cookie monster slippers. so there.

i have something a bit more private to speak with yous, so i'll do two seperate posts, this one, and one friends only...

boys suck.
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