December 31st, 2002

disco star

We are the champions, my friends...

tonight will find peyton and i driving out to east mesa to hang out with his band and all their friends and frolick in beer and wine and other liquid traditions. we're spending the night there, since it's suuuuuch a long drive, but i still doubt i'll drink. the last few times that i have decided to have a REAL drink or a shot, or whatever, it's attracted ex's and other bad luck scenerios, so i'll most likely pass, and just sit back and make fun of the drunks as i dink on my mando and my geetar...


we all deserve it, after the year we've been through together....

i love you all.
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disco star

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i don't think the world realizes just how wonderful Rick Springfield's music really is.
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    Rick Springfield - You Better Love Somebody
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Leave it to Jason Falkner to put everything I'm feeling into words...

from "This Will be our Year" by Jason Falkner:

the warmth of your love
is like the warmth from the sun
and this will be our year to the long time to come
don't let go of my hand
now the darkness is gone
and this will be our year to the long time to come

and i won't forget the way you held me up
when i was down
and i won't forget the way you said "darlin, i love you"
you gave me faith to go on

and now, we're there
we've only just begun
and this will be our year to the long time to come


once again, i'm glad that all of you are in my life..

"you don't have to worry, all your worried days are gone..."

now, with that said, i'm going to hunt a cow with my bare hands and rip it apart with my teeth and chomp hungrily, cuz my tummy's growling.
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    Jason Falkner - I Go Astray (solo acoustic)