January 9th, 2003

disco star

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you can tell that cutting your hair wasn't a good thing, when:

- you see people look at you closely, but you get no comments, although you chopped off half a foot of your hair.

- making a comment like "then Mere and i went and got our hair cut together and then..." is met with a "yeah, i noticed you cut your hair." ...immediately followed by silence.


maybe i'll cut more length off to get rid of some of the drastic layers, although i'm terrified of going much shorter than it is now. if i cut most of the layers out, it will bring my hair to almost shoulder-length. *heavy sigh* and then maybe trying to dye this blackness out of my hair. i dunno. my roots are getting long, so tossing in some red streaks won't quite have the effect i want unless i dye my hair black again.

some temporary dye THIS turned out to be. pfft. at least i have reddish highlights, although my hair is still black as sin.
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