February 4th, 2003

disco star

i've always been a woman of many words...

going through some stuff today (i'm still home sick, although i feel MUCH better, and the fever is gone..), i came across an old letter i wrote to my brother around in 96 or so:

Dear jessie,

Hi! Here's the letter i promised you! its even written with my nifty new GREEN SHARPIE!! woo hoo! they do exist!! :)
I'm going to bed now.....

good to know that oh-so-much was going on in my life back then.
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disco star

a convo between siblings..

when my brother was here visiting, we were talking about our past, and what an odd life we've lived.

me: we should write a book about it.

jess: or make a movie.

me: lol - that would be great!

jess: who would play us?

me: *thinks for a split second* janeane garofalo and seth green?

jess: *laughs hysterically* could there BE anyone else?!?!

me: *laughs hysterically back* mmm...nope! i think not!
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