February 5th, 2003

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for those that have been wondering how i'm feeling:

i'm back to work this afternoon, but as i still have almost no voice and cannot hear at all out of my left ear, i've THANKFULLY been excused from taking calls unless i need to.

now, let's discuss the nosebleeds.

this morning, i leaned over as i was sitting down, and unexpectedly, blood POURED out of my nose and drenched my arm. i'm not talking a few splatters, i'm talking full force faucet pour. i sat up and looked into a mirror in shock, as blood continued pouring out of my nose, covering my lips and chin. i freak as i grab a wad of kleenex, holding my head back. i can feel it still pouring down the back of my throat.

it stops as quickly as it starts.

this happens again, about an hour later.

the sinus pressure is giving me this total "dude. i am soooo stoned right now." feeling. i am tremendously dizzy. dr's appointment is tomorrow at 245pm.

also, let me tell you all about the embarrassing moments that came from my brain-deadness:

i took a bunch of magazines to donate to the blood bank. After my first trip inside bringing an armload, en route to my car, i fell out the door.

in the crowded parking lot, armload of slippery magazines and wrestling with my keys, i hit the panic button on my chain (good to know it works. VERY well. as i found out when i continued fumbling with them and setting it back off. repeatedly.)

i am, for some reason, possessed with an urge to tell everyone about the different things i am oozing and the consistancies of such oozes. i am filled with the urge to inform them that i think this is why i haven't been hungry, that it's quite filling. i am filled with the urge to do this while they are eating.

and what was i possessed with wanting to run out and buy this time? (another time, it was knives. MANY knives.) *thinks* i don't remember now. but i DID manage to get brand new dr. martens for $10. go me.