February 6th, 2003

disco star

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i used to live next to a nuclear power plant. we had gone from living in the midwest and having tornado drills where they would test the tornado sirens periodically to make sure they work, to having nuclear meltdown drills, where they would run the nuclear sirens occasionally to make sure that they still work, and hand out pamphlets about the best escape routes to take to get out of town, should it happen.

i am also LOVING my new dr. martens. they are soooooo comfy. it's like my feets are getting cozy little love hugs every step i take. and nothing makes a pisces happy like comfy feet. cept love. and i'm happy without THAT stress at the moment ;)
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disco star

nobody nose like aubrey nose.

i have now returned from el doctoro.

i have... you ready for this? drrruum rolllll, please.................. *thappitathappitathappitathunk*



ACUTE SINUSITIS!!!! *the crowds go wild* *in big booming voice, she says...* "YES, ladies and gentlemen! it was just over a year ago that aubrey went under the KNIFE for extensive NASAL surgery to prevent her from EVER having SINUSITIS again, folks! and it lasted, not 10, not 5, not 3, but ONE YEAR! YES! ONLY ONE YEAR!"

naturally, i get busted by my boss as i'm typing this.

*gets back to work with her clouded mind* oh, and before i go, i was gracious enough to pull out in front of a bunch of cars and almost get myself killed. i was in the left-hand turn lane, the light turned green, i fwipped my left hand turn. arrow, schmarrow. who needs em. i just can't wait until i can think/speak again.