February 7th, 2003

disco star

how fitting as of late...

Dear AUBREY, here is your Horoscope for February 07, 2003

Your powers of adaptation are extremely useful in that they may give
you an extremely high tolerance for uncomfortable situations,
AUBREY. At times, however, this exact trait may not serve you very
effectively. You may find that you end up staying in difficult
relationships and unsatisfying jobs simply because you can and you
are fearful of something new. Life is shorter than you think it is,
so if you want to improve your situation, you need to take
responsibility for it and be proactive.
disco star

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ugh. i am so flipping DIZZY today. i thought it might be a side effect of the antibiotic i'm on (Augmentin), but i looked up side effects, and dizzy doesn't even begin to fit in with the side effects listed. i'm confused, dizzy, i feel like i can hardly see.... and i already got barked at for not doing my job 100%, although i still have to stop every 5 minutes to blow a bucket of snot out of my sinus cavity, as well as being so dizzy that i'm afraid to drive. i can't go home, though, cuz we're already short handed and slammed. *sigh* and i've been told i'm working all day sunday. for joy. *double sigh*

i just need a long nap. a really long nap.