February 14th, 2003

disco star

oh, yeah, and after i dig my head out of me arse...

this rain is INSANE. driving home from chris and brians with mere, 19th ave and northern is COMPLETELY flooded, northern from 19th to the freeway is almost completely un-driveable.

i've lived in this neighborhood, and i have NEVER seen it flood like that.


.... and it still comes down....
disco star

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happy valentines day to you, too!!! :)

oddly enough, i'm actually in a CHIPPER mood this year?!? dunno why, for the life of me. usually, i'm ready to rip everyone's throat out that receives even a single rose bud, but this year?!? hrm. i wonder what has changed.

which brings me back to two years ago, when a coworker's dad, and a friend of mine, had left a yellow rose on my desk. i came in and barked loudly "WHO LEFT THE HALF DEAD PLANT ON MY FREAKING DESK!?!?"

*gigglish sigh*

not that i expect any type of romantic miracles happening tonight, but i'm optimistic for some reason?!? maybe it's because i get to go out with my close friends. maybe that's it.
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