February 16th, 2003

disco star

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if any of you have the ability to download eps of anything...

... run and download Invader Zim's Rise of Zit Boy. and do it NOW.

"this is SO not right! it's jeapardizing everything i've WORKED for! how can i study this planet if everyone is staring at my FREAKISHLY DEFORMED HEAD!?!?"
disco star

long time ago, when we was fab...

so, how is everyone doing today? *listens* *nods* i thought as much. well, i hope that things get better for you, and i'm happy to hear that from you over there, and you right there? when the hell did THAT happen, and what the hell were you thinking?!?!


i'm trying to get motivated.. although band practice is in about an hour, and i apologize ahead of time, littledevi and norsican, but my 100% voice is still eluding me, but i'll do my bestest. why? cuz i'm a brave little toaster, that's why.


last night found mere and i going to our good friend chris's ma's place for chicken and dumplings *swoooooooooooons* *rubs tummy in happy rememberance* and watched Ice Age, before trekking off to Good Time Charlies to sit in a smokey haze around drunks as we waited impatiently for our turn to sing. i made a HORRID attempt at Extreme's "hole hearted", an okay jaunt with "dream a little dream of me" by mama cass, and had sooo much fun with "my sharona".


but, anyhow. hope everyone is doing well, and have a splendid day. *smooch*
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