February 21st, 2003

disco star

nothing like the prospect of your yearly physical to cheer you up...

so, i set a dentist appointment today, for wednesday at 1130. first time being to the dentist since jan of '95. *shudder* i'm frightened, please hold me.

i also have this to look forward to on TUESDAY:

"lie naked on this cold table and spread em, while my assistants and i stand around and talk while i shall thrust a cold metal instrument inside of your most sacred place, where we shall spread you open like a melon, and take scrapings with a sharp toothbrush before kneading your breasts like pizza dough after having our hands stored in the freezer, all done in a room the temperature of Siberia. We'll give you a tissue to cover yourself. Enjoy.

oh, and try to relax."
disco star

(no subject)

aubkabob : i cannot freaking believe that spam like chain mails are freaking invading NEOMAIL now.
ChappellCh : eep
aubkabob : i was just told that if i forward this message on to 15 people, that i'll not only help to earn money for someone's bleeding mother that was injured in the world trade center (must have lost a LOT of blood since 9/11/01), i could also get 250,000 neopoints AND a ghost paint brush!!!
ChappellCh : LMAO
ChappellCh : You only have like 8 quarts of blood, don't you?
aubkabob : Finally she found out why her daddy didn't came.She must've really loved him....They didn't found his body..her mom is in the the Hospital since then..She is losing lots of blood..She needs to go through surgery..But since that girls daddy is gone and no one is working..They have no money..And her surgery cost lots of money..So the Red Cross said that..for every time this email is fwd they Will get 10 cents for her mom's surgery.So please have a heart and fwd this to everyone you know.she really miss her daddy and now she dosnt want to lose her mom too. > > Please send this mail to anyone you know on the site
> > > > > > > > > Send this message to 15 people and you will find a Ghost paintbrush and 250,000 nps.
ChappellCh : OMG
aubkabob : at least, if they're going to creat bad chain letters, they could SPELL?!?
ChappellCh : That wouldn't be right
aubkabob : or use proper grammar?!?
aubkabob : i just don't have the heart to reply to the 15 year old that spammed me and say "okay. let's look at this logically for a second...
aubkabob : 1) that's a lot of freaking bleeding between 9/11/01 and now.
ChappellCh : Oh, I think you most certainly should
aubkabob : 2) if she's bleeding that much since then, PULL THE FREAKING PLUG.
aubkabob : 3), why would the red cross give THAT SINGLE WOMAN preferential treatment over all the other of zillions of 9/11 victims?
ChappellCh : I think they could have used direct pressure or something by now.
aubkabob : something.
ChappellCh : LOL
ChappellCh : because her husband died?
ChappellCh : No one else's did.
aubkabob : if she's STILL bleeding, that means she has some sort of incurable disease, and that they need to use a clotting agent?!?
aubkabob : lol
aubkabob : certainly not!
aubkabob : and no other fathers, for that matter!
ChappellCh : nope
ChappellCh : not a one
aubkabob : hee.
ChappellCh : what was the big deal about all that?
aubkabob : i think i'll post that in my journal, too.
aubkabob : just to piss off people that hate people that post 83403279837423 a day.
ChappellCh : lol