March 28th, 2003

disco star

end of an era...

the box has been packed, my fare-thee-wells have been made.

i am no longer an employee of the I.C.E. Gallery.

word leaked out SOMEHOW, so instead of officially making next week my final day, it was today.

i was quite surprised that they didn't supervise what i took out with me, being such whip-crackers as they are.

i started this job in august of 1999. almost four years of my life has been spent there.

i had figured that when i left, that i would feel much like those curvacious italian women in the spaghetti sauce commercials, cartwheeling in a meadow as "boooooorn freeee, as freee as the wiiiind bloooows.." blared in the background.

instead, i feel like a newborn fawn, limping out into the big, big world without it's mum for the first time.

and it doesn't FEEL over.

but it is.
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