March 30th, 2003

disco star


statement number one:

i discovered today that TV's Frank from MST3K was head writer for Invader Zim for awhile.

I also discovered today... i was saying that i always confused Jeremy London and Jason London.

Then i discovered they were twins.

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disco star

Things I learned this weekend:

Things I discovered this weekend include:

- the joy at bonding with someone at a great degree over something as simple and wonderful as Steve Burns. Check out his music, yo. and do NOT forget the daily affirmations.

- only a couple of Coors Light's and a shot can certainly turn me back into the catty, flirty bitch that i had quit drinking to get away from.

- Mitchell rocks. why hath i turned away from all that is MST?!? i hath learned the errors of my ways...

- friends that you didn't know you had lurk, but may not always make themselves known. but when they do, it's a beautiful thing.

- money sucks.

- music IS the universal language.
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