March 31st, 2003

disco star

i'm a girl, i'm a girl, la la la!

I am having a good day.

I dunno if it's a sign of what's to come, but i LOVE my new coworkers (for the most part!). there's only 4 of us in the training class, and only 2 of us are collectors, and the other person is part time, so it's not like i'm going to be compared to anyone when i get out on the floor. the instructor, Scott, is freeping hilarious: "okay, the next section we'll cover in your handbooks is on page 47, regarding firearms and weapons. In section five is a How-To, and notice the part where they mention fireworks. I would love to see the poor sot that brought his fireworks to work and had them accidentally go off at his cubicle." they have great incentive programs, among other things.

i'm hoping that the monotony of it all doesn't get in the way of my making BANK. i get sick of things so easily.

about half way into this morning's class, when we're filling out forms, he's standing at the head of the class, and says "you know, i like to play a little game of looking at people and trying to decide who would play them, should a movie about them ever be made." he points at me. "you. i'm getting a HUGE Jeaneane Garafalo vibe from you."

i about died laughing.

remember the post i did where jess and i were discussing who would play us in a movie of our lives? Jeaneane and Seth Green.

anyhoot. short lunch, i must grab my birth certificate and swing by somewhere to inhale food.

see you all later! *blows kisses*
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