April 10th, 2003

disco star

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if any of you arizonans would like to get together this weekend for a final suaree, email me at aubkabob@qwest.net so that i know who is interested and so i can start the coordination process!!!
disco star

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instead of doing rush-packing, as had been the plan, i've been sitting here, dinking on live journal and replying to emails and such all day.

maybe it's that a bit of me is in denial until the official packing begins.

well, in my defense, i DID have 168 unread emails in my inbox, and i still have 110. and this is not including the ones that i have read, and not responded to.


it's off to the bathroom with me, with bags to separate what i'll toss, what i'll see if friends want first, and what i'll just donate.

endings suck.

i'm certain, though, that as soon as everything is gone through, and what's left tossed in the back of my jeep or mailed home, and that i'm on the road and have stopped bawling like a child (i'll give it an hour?!?) that i'll be able to put this life behind me, and look optimistically towards a bright, exciting new future.
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