April 22nd, 2003

disco star

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i am home.

i made it safely, i heard that there was some concerns?!? *sad smile*

i already miss my phoenix friends, but am optimistic so far for the new future that lies ahead of me here.

i have lots to tell you about my time away, stay tuned.
disco star

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oh, and PROFOUND apologies to those i had been planning on contacting!!! i think i left my phone number list in my apartment?!? or it's packed away somewhere... but i couldn't find them..

which prolly worked out in the meantime, because i got SOOOO motion sick for the last two days, so i wouldn't have been much fun, anyhow.

sorry for any inconvenience!!!

please forgive?
disco star

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also, it's good to see that lj hasn't made any advancements regarding the quality of its servers since i was here last.

i just made a GIGANTIC POST about my week, and now it is lost.

if my anger goes away, you just may get to read it, when i get the motivation to do it again.

*shakes fist*
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