April 23rd, 2003

disco star

a day begins anew...


first day in vancouver, and it's cold and rainy.


who knew?!?

anyhoot... yesterday, i spent some time getting a TAD bit settled (too much stuff, still lacking that magic wand i wanted for my birthday.. or maybe i got it, and it's just "somewhere in this room" like everything else in my life is right now...), then picked up brosely from work, where we went to open mic night. yes, i actually sang. just me, on a stage, with someone else's guitar, bright, hot lights shining upon me. i sang "glutton of sympathy", "raining on the sky", and "rainy season". what made me feel SO elated, was that out of the three, the song i wrote got the best reaction by far! the main guy playing throughout the night told me that i need to come back every single tuesday for the rest of my life. an excellent start to my life here, i spose! *gigantos grin*

i also had the pleasure of hanging with frobear for a moment or two again, then later at the pub with injnshiloh, susycreamcheese, and scaraharem, and rachel (can't remember her lj name..). i felt quite loved, because everyone was so ecstatic to see me, big hugs all round! *blush* and it was so great to see everyone again!!!

i dreamed last night that i went into a hair place, and was trying desperately to fix my hair, and decided to just chop it off chin length and bleach it blonde.

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disco star

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i also wanted to share with you WHY i am happy that i'm not superstitious:

i live on 13th street.

my zip code is 98666.

i live kiddie cornered from a morgue.

also, if you see me on aim, (as aubkabob) and i'm not saying howdee, my brother has a much more updated version than i do on my computer, don't be shy, come on ova, so i can get you added back to my friends list again!

oh, and my new physical address is:

p. o. box 501
vancouver, wa 98666
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