April 26th, 2003

disco star

last night's involvement out with the brutha..

- i discovered 211 for the first time ever.
- played Sorry in a revolutionary new way (with military men instead of pawns..)
- lots of reminiscing in the basement
- living for the kitchen
- the cutest little yorkie
- aubrey being allergic to said yorkie
- spiced carrots and Oregon burrito

lot of fun. hilarity ensued. i made new friends. oh happy day.* :)

tonight's agenda includes karaoke. dare i wish that faetal will be there? and where IS injnshiloh? and, scaraharem, when are we going to do our dueling mandos?

(* except for the fact that i woke up with the grandmammy of all headaches. brothers will pay for this. later, after my head returns to its normal size.)
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ganked from the lovely bit_o_jane

~ Alberic ~

~ meaning ~
Elf and Ruler

~ motivation ~
To aim higher in life

~ character ~
Known for their loyality

~ feelings ~
One who is sympathetic to others

~ intelligence ~

~ spiritual ~
Peaceful and calm

~ nature ~
Affable and peace loving

~ inherent ~
Is a resourceful person

want and need your own? will you surely perish without one? fine. then go here.
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(no subject)

you know?

if i shaved my head, i would never have to worry about my hair bugging the hell out of me and not being able to find a hair doo-dad.
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road trip, anyone?

so, i go to bed last night (read: this morning), leaving my brother in here tippy tappying away at his keyboard. i wake up this morning to mom saying he left with his friend at about 7 this morning.

he calls me just now... from CANADA.

uh. yeah, that's a swing down the street. said he's going to be there until sunday night.

so, i guess this means we're not going out tonight?!?
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