April 27th, 2003

disco star

just in case....

juuuust in case, you are one of the ones to suddenly see me on your friends of list, and you're wondering who the hell i am..


i am, of course, aubreystar, in the flesh... awhile ago, i had started THIS joinal, and had made a post or two, saying i wouldn't add anyone unless they added me first, and where to find me.. in talking to a couple of people NOW, from my old friends list, it seems like a lot of you still misplaced me somehow?! it happens. in the shuffle of life, it happens. ;)

so. anyone who had kept aubreystar on their friends list, i added you as a friend of aubkabob, figuring that either you had missed me, and was truly perplexed and wondering which rock i had crawled under, or was too lazy to kick me off your friends list *smirk*.

either way, going back through my old friends list, i realized how many people i truly missed since the transition, and wonder how i had done it without you. *blows kisses*

but, in the meantime... the sun is out, which frightens me greatly (how soon we forget after leaving phoenix!), which, naturally, is driving me outside to walk around in it. where will i go, you ask? pfft. beats me.
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