April 30th, 2003

disco star

hindsight is 20/20


i came to the realization that i have left all of my dresses, and all of my dress shoes at home, meaning 'in arizona', where they will sit and wait for me to send money to nutty to ship them.

course, to GET money to ship them, i need a job.
in order to GET a job, i need professional clothes.

now i feel like i'm that wise man that was sitting on a mountain in that commercial, that would say in his cute little accent "how to get experience, without getting a job, and how to get a job, without experience?!?"

i mean, i think i have some flip flop shoes that could PASS as 'professional', to wear to an interview, and to work every single day afterwards, but flip flops and open toed shoes are generally frowned upon by the employer masses.


and i still need to find where the hell i packed my resumes.
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