May 19th, 2003

disco star

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i have something to make you chuckle, at least:

at open mic last tuesday, i wasn't going to sing, because there was over THREE TIMES the amount of people that are normally there.

my bro went and signed me up, anyway.

so. i'm sitting on the stage, my voice is cracking and such. people are staring at me.

and my freaking left hand just falls off my guitar.

not only does it fall off the fretboard for no reason, but it twangs every string on its way off.

not only did it twang the strings and fall off the fretboard, it fell to my side completely for a second, almost like it has narcolepsy.

and during that second, i looked down at it, all confused. mid song. after letting out a 'wooop?'. it was like "will you never cease to beeeewwoooop?'

thank you. thank you. *bows*
disco star

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oh, and regarding the kittens ;)

i wanted to remind you that i've been sleeping. on an air mattress. on the floor.


yes. i'm providing countless hours of jungle gym amusement for fluff balls with fangs and claws.

and they love licking my neck. with their spikey tongue. *shiver*

when mom's boyfriend came in this morning (read: 3 pm), and i had just woken up and was still laying there, i had Checkers (black and white one) on my chest, Chinny (the one with a grey chin) next to my left hip, and Frodo (the runt) and Nosey (the one with the grey nose) curled up like a yin/yang symbol next to my left shoulder.


after i wake up, then they decide to go to sleep.

and breasts are NOT pincushions, thankyouvery much.