May 21st, 2003

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just a word of advice... if you are drunk and sitting at the bar of a place with live music, please be gentle with your words o wisdom to the performers.

when i got off the stage at the arnada tonight, a drunkard stated: "oh, you're doooone? what a traaaagedy...." all sarcastic like.

i smirked at him as i propped my guitar against a booth wall.

"oh, don't worry, honnay, you were better than SOME of the people that played tonight..."

as if i werent' self conscious enough.
disco star

update on life, love, and liberty...

job searching continues.... i'm getting antsy and feel the need to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE, which is certainly a good thing.

i STILL haven't started getting my mail from my old address, although i've sent THREE mail forwarding forms in since april 22. each time i complain, they say to call 1-800-ASK-USPS and that they will help me. each time i call that number, they refer me back to my local post office to fill out a regular form.

meanwhile, i'm almost certain that my mail is being sent back to sender, as i haven't checked my mail since april 17th, the night before i left for l.a...


so. that's my life. lol, that and open mic on tuesdays, parties on the weekend with some of <>you,</a> and everquest. lots of everquest. finally got my druid Ruiana up to lvl 12, joined a guild and such. but now my brother just got the Luclin upgrade, so i need to go make a kitty somewhere. prolly on talkingpotato's server. *nod* maybe a beastmaster? mrowr!

now, love? *scoff* don't make me laugh. what makes you think my love life will be any more enhanced up here than it was in phoenix?!?

liberty?!? *thinks* lemme get back with you on this one...
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benefit # 4327592827543b to living here:

everyone here is FLIPPING OUT because of HOW HOT IT IS TODAY, when it's currently 73 degrees.

in phoenix, this moment, it is ONE HUNDRED AND SIX.