June 11th, 2003

disco star

(no subject)

so, i answered an invite from pasquinade and broke down and joined friendster.com ;)

anyone else on there?

you can add me: aubkabob@qwest.net.

and is it as disturbing to you as it is to me that i know, and have known, every word to Alan Jackson's "chattahoochie" for many many years?!?
disco star

(no subject)

so, i get a notice that my journal is expiring. i shrug. i shrug for a couple of reasons:

1) having a paid account doesn't seem to make anything faster
2) i dont even have $5 to my name to renew.

no biggie. so i lose the opportunity to do polls, and can only have 3 icons. *shrug*


i was wondering if i could implore to all of you, all of you wonderful wonderful people:

i suck at making icons. i want more icons.

if any of you are bored and have nothing better to do, could someone grace me with some of their art to show off via my lj icons? :D

what i'm looking for:

rocko's modern life
anything from adult swim
last unicorn
dark crystal
shermans lagoon
baby blues
zits (the comic, not the physical affliction)
monty python
tiny toons
evil cats
random cartoons from our youth, i.e. monchichis, my little pony, etc.
anything else random and weird

you will be rewarded with... with... lol i dunno.. a mention as to who it came from?!? :)
disco star

(no subject)

i am seeing this all over the place...

does anyone wish to interview me?!?

anything you wish to know?!?

do you have a burning desire to find out what made me cringe in horror at age 5?

can you not sleep at night for not knowing what stuffed animal i could NOT sleep without throughout the years?

go ahead. ask me. i will answer your questions in future posts :)