June 13th, 2003

disco star

interview questions #2

the next set of questions, from sciurism:

What makes you cringe in horror now?

spit. i cannot stand spit. if people hack a loogie, or even act like they're going to hack a honker, i gag. if people play with their spit, i throw up. which is why i can never be in close quarters with anyone that partakes in chewing tabaccy. *violent shudder*

What generally scary thing does not scare you?

most bugs, as long as they're not ON me. (if i discover them ON me, then i screech like a howler monkey.) i also love weird and absurd reptiles and amphibians. they make my heart sing.

What ridiculous thing are you scared of?

semis. i guess that semis are large and thusly frightening, but anytime i pass one on the freeway, i'm CONVINCED that they are going to try to merge into me. multiply this by five when there is a solid concrete wall on the other side of me (read: no escape route). multiply this times one hundred on the few occasions where i drove in between two at once. i'm a very nervous driver.

Do you have any recurring nightmares?

*thinks* not really. since i worked at dream interpretation for so entirely long, and since most of my dreams come to me symbolically, if something disturbing happens, i actually detach myself from it, and watch the events unfold like they're on tv. but although i picked up everything and moved up here on a whim because i kept having the dreams that i did so, the dreams keep happening. i have a limited amount of time to pack my things and go. i can only take what i can carry with me. guess it's back to the drawing board with THAT one and its interpretation! boy is my face red!

Do you like scary movies?

there are few movies that scare me. maybe that's because i had a best friend that sat me down when we were teens and made me watch every single horror flick in existence. maybe that's because the same stupid plots have been recycled over and over again. maybe that's because the acting in these things is usually more frightening than the plot line itself. the last movie that scared me? funny enough, Blair Witch Project. Scared the freaking willies out of me, and i actually got nightmares from it.


okee, dokee!! anyone else have some sort of burning questions they would like to ask me!??!

does anyone out there want to be interviewed by me?!?
disco star

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alildragonlover? you made my entire month, you have no flipping idea. i was sitting here, grumpy and feeling like doodie, and in a gloomy fog, and then i saw the gift you gave to me :) thank you eternally, and if i can ever EVER do anything to help you, let me know!!!

and best wishes tonight for nothinganything and his album release party!!! i'm quite proud of you, and i can't wait to hear about the details!! :)