July 11th, 2003


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what's the freaking DEAL here?!? we deflea the cats, and suddenly IIII'M covered in them?!? i've gotten at LEAST 10 or more bites on my ankle and up my right leg and now on my arm since i got up this morning. so not cool. i mean, i'm not THAT hairy!!!

had.. no ... sleep... 3 hours, maybe 3 1/2. silly odd dreams. i really need to lay off the eq! ^_^ got my paladin up to 13, though, and got him some purdy gifts. i can SMITE you with my SWORD, foo! *makes swashbuckling motion*

i need to go hop in the shower and SCOUR myself, and go over to darkminstrel's... i'm running late already! d'oh! stupid internetting and wasting of the timing!!!
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ganked from one of the everquest communities, cut for those that don't play...

i laughed one ass off when i read this, having played half of the classes, and having good friends that play the other half...

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