July 12th, 2003

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okay. i had an entire journal entry done, when my cat jumped up and landed on the keyboard, playing with my fingers as they were typing.. it lost everything. so let's start over.

yesterday started out with me going to faetal's, (well, didn't START there, but that's all in the past now, lol! stupid buzzer boxes, anyhow.) where she and drew got my paladin to lvl 15 (woo! new cheesy spells!), and i gave the shortest guitar lesson ever (andrea: how do i read this? me: it's as if the fretboard is upside down and facing you. andrea: !!! wow! thanks! this opens up a whole new world!!).

i then went to pick up darkminstrel and secret_ninja, where we had some good mexican grub (i ate so much, i felt like i was still in food coma when i woke up this morning!) and saw Pirates of the Caribbean (MUCH better than i had thought it was going to be. definitely some LOL moments...)

then i got home and tried to go to sleep. it was about 230 am.

i could NOT for the life of me fall asleep.

mom kept talking to me, for one. i learned the hard way when i first moved in that it's NOT a good thing to try to tell her you're trying to sleep. as much as i love her, she can turn ANYTHING into a guilt trip. so i instead rewarded her with lots of 'hmm?', 'mmm!', and 'mmm hmm's', although i was teetering on the edge of deep, innocent slumber.

then i realized something else. mom was now snoring lightly. i was wide afuckingwake. this was SO not fair.

and the dreams.. lots of weird symbolic things.. i had a crush in my dreams, but i can't remember who my love interest was. one thing that was prominent in my dream, though, was the fact that everyone was trying to talk me into moving back to phoenix, and that i was seriously considering it. in my dream, i had posted a poll to you guys. so, out of curiosity...

Do you think I should move back to Phoenix, Arizona?

not a clue. who are you again?

Do you think my best option is to remain in Vancouver, Washington?

i TOLD you, woman, i don't have a clue? why do you keep ASKING these questions?

which did you choose, and why?

disco star

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and what faetal put in her journal that made me blush about tuesday night:

". I've never seen such talent at the Arnada as I did last night. I'm sad Gwyn missed "Midget and Girl" (i think their name was Bastard?) they friggin rocked. "The Duds" didnt do as well as they could have, its interesting to see them play often, I feel like a strange groupie, even if I'm aubrey's groupie.
Whats also great is that Aubrey sounded AWESOME last night... seriously.. at least voice wise, I found myself being.. impressed, like.. a lot. She got big cheers from "the duds" I dont know if she noticed, but everyone was cheering, ,and even drunk floozie girl was dancing."

good to know i didn't do as bad as i had thought! (although brosely told her 'i dunno what my sister's doing, i think she's just ad libbing the chords!'