July 13th, 2003

disco star

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so, i walk in the house from being gone all day, and i've been sitting her not five minutes, and i already have 3 flea bites, one on my calf, one on my thigh, and one on my left arm.


jess and i drove up to longview today. a 40 mile trip took us A FREAKING HOUR AND A HALF. the first delay? construction. the second delay? a deadly wreck. as we putted along at less than 10 mph on two different occasions for several miles apiece, singing along to a mixed tape with Sloan and Jason Falkner...

okay. now, exchange the word "construction" with "some orange cones on the side of the road" and "deadly wreck" with "a sign saying 'wreck ahead' and another saying 'be prepared to STOP!' and people slowing down to under 10 miles ahead for another two or three miles, but absosmurfly nothing else. anywhere."

went and ate some chy knees, then took my brother to see finding nemo.. drive home was extremely fast by comparison and completely uneventful, whilst listening to a mix of jellyfish and nickel creek and wailing at the top of our lungs along with...

for anyone that hasn't heard me sing, when someone asks me what my vocal range is, the most comfortable range for me fits in PERFECTLY with jellyfish. the only note that he sings that i can't hit is the lowest note in "man i used to be". other than that, it's by far thee most comfortable range for me to sing in. though i've prolly told you this before. never heard Jellyfish? i must kill you now.

who else has seen Pirates of the Caribbean? what'dya think?