July 19th, 2003

disco star


so, i've been wondering, as you may know, what to do with my old journal, aubreystar, and i've come up with a solution:

treat it as a blog type thing, kind of as my 'greatest hits', as egotistical as it sounds. i wanted to start at the beginning and post some of my favorite posts, as well as the ones that drew the most attention. so, um.. if you wish, add aubreystar to your friends list. it will be my story telling, public journal, with most of my wittiest stuff. aubkabob will be more private and personal and.. lol boring?!? who knows. my blathering posts shall remain here, the more interesting or whatever will be in aubreystar.

also, i couldn't remember for sure who my first friend ever was, so i was curious at who posted a response first. i remember who my frist couple of friends were, but now i know for sure who was the first, that i hadn't met because brosely told them to add me.

with this post, you will see that it was hypnogun! yay! and he's still my fwend today.

love you all.