July 21st, 2003

disco star

five interview questions from lauradoll

1. What's your favorite 80's modern rock one hit wonder?

hrm. prolly "come on eileen". so very much fun to sing, it is, and so easy to get the crowd all excited during the "come on! eileen, taloo rye aye!" part! fun fun fun.

2. What's your favorite commercial jingle? If not a favorite, then which one do you find yourself singing a lot?

my favorite of all time that no one seems to remember?:

the world looks mighty good to me
cuz tootsie rolls are all i see
whatever it is i think i see
becomes a tootsie roll to me
tootsie roll, how i love your chocolatey chew
tootsie roll, i think i'm in love with you
whatever it is i think i see
becomes a tootsie roll to me!

and, the one i find myself singing the most?:

"and i don't have to go right now!"

3. What's the worst candy to get while trick or treating?

the freaking hideous pink chewing gum that would start out as a rock, fill your system with a massive sugary blast, and then turn into the consistency of dried caulking, all within the span of less than 5 minutes.

4. Okay! Here's a heavier question: If a friend, (best friend or just a
close buddy) lied to you about something fairly serious, could he or she
justify it with a good enough reason? If possible, what would that reason
have to be for the lie to be justifiable?



oh. hrm. it all depends upon the situation. i've had friends tell me something and then be caught in the lie later on, and NOT have a justifyable reason. if it's a situation as in hiding or lying about them or someone else having cancer or anther death-causing illness, and if it was a reason that they didn't want to make me worry or look at them different, or whatever, then it would be justified. it really depends upon the situation. for the most part, if they're a good friend, i'm forgiving, nearly to a fault at times.

5. Who'd win in a fight: Morrisey, or Robert Smith? And why?

it depends. would Robert's hair be razor sharp? are there any mutant qualities involved? I NEED MORE INFO, WOMAN!!