July 23rd, 2003

disco star

Todays junk..

- spent the night at faetal's last night. forced slumber parties can be fun :)

- yay for new friends

- i am so blooming DROWSY this afternoon. *droooool* i haven't been sleeping well at ALL lately. you know, the borderline insomnia, where, no matter how EXHAUSTED you are when you climb into bed, it still takes you literally HOURS to fall asleep, only to wake up a few hours later and not be able to fall asleep again? and then it starts to become where you actually FEAR bedtime, you get a sickly feeling in your tummy and a sense of helplessness about having to be put through that horrid torture of winding yourself up in your covers again. *sigh*

- Fluffy is so pregnant now, that her stomach acts as a cork whenever she tries to crawl into her old crawlspaces.

- the icon, the ever loverly annoyingpixie offered to share it with me. and i love it greatly. Bucky finally gets his monkey.

- PERFECT weather outside today. it would be borderline hot, but the breeze? *swoon*

- this bra is SO coming off *itches and squeams under her underwire*, just as soon as i can get off me arse and wobble in on sleep deprived feet to change back into my grubby scrubs.

- food would be good. hell, food would be GREAT.
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