July 24th, 2003

disco star

a girl's girl. i'm SOOOOOOO feminine. *braaaap*

weird stupid biological function post ahead...



okay. let's talk biological functions. we all have them. we all poop/pee/sweat/barf/droolinoursleep/haveboogers/ooze things from our orfices. my family has always been fairly open and honest in these discussions, quite usually at the dinner table. (afterbirth discussions at thanksgiving, anyone?!?) sometimes, i forget that some people don't like to openly discuss *covers mouth shyly and looks around* doodie *blushes* or feminine monthly curses and the consitency thereof (alhtough i find it honestly hilarious when i have discussions about it with boys, because each and every one has a different theory, from us bleeding only a thimbleful, to us 'holding it in' with a tampon and peeing it out everytime we go potty. but that's for a different post.)

biological function discussions bother me not. in fact, i find them quite entertaining at times.

having that said... ever gone poopie and looked in the toilet as you went to flush, and thought "holy freaking cow... THAT came out of ME?!? where the hell was i carrying it all?!?"

/end sharing
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disco star

a girl in love...

thank you SO much, onceupon for pointing out the new layout for paid members for me! *swoon* i love it, indeed.

i just don't like seeing only 10 friends entries at a time, compared to my old 40. it's cuz of laziness + dialup. *nod*

also, i love how normal everyday posts get 4 or so replies, but if i post about fecal matter? hooo boy, now we have a topic of discussion!!!

what's next, armpit hair? bellybutton lint?

i need to accomplish.. something.. today. one of those things that there are so many things that desperately need to be done, that it becomes ultimately overwhelming, and you don't do anything at all...

and i don't care HOW cheesy the horror flick is, seeing bugs/worms/etc., crawling around under the skin gives me the WILLIES.
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