July 25th, 2003


*sangin* i feel the earth. move. under my feet. */sangin*

mom and i are sitting here today, i'm on my puter, mom's watching As the world Turns, i think it was.

me: *quirks head to side* did you feel that?
mom: feel what?
me: felt like an earthquake.
mom: ??
me: *shrugs and goes back to computer*

then was just watching the news, and they anounce PORTLAND HAD EIGHT FREAKING EARTHQUAKES today. whaaaa?!?? i felt one. guess the most recent one was a half hour ago. this was SO not in the moving clause. the earth is sposed to be the one solid, uh... thing.. in life, dagnabbit!!!

the acid poo has stopped, hopefully for good. thank you for your well wishes.

i have a headache.
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