July 29th, 2003

disco star

hrm.. could it be?!? COULD.. IT.. BEEE?!?

*tries not to curse things*

is lj actually working fine today?!?

as soon as i posted what i did yesterday, i read all the status thingies, and discovered that my cluster, the Ribeye cluster, was in fact snafued, and i tried FOR SO LONG to update my post or to post another one, but lj just wasn't havin it. nope nope.

so. the portland area now has a krispy kreme. it's been on the news every single news, since people started waiting at the doors, camping out, 48 hours before it opened. most on the pavement in front, but a few in their cars in the drive through.


it's a good donut, but THAT freaking good?!?

we're also supposed to *gasp heard round the world* hit ONE HUNDRED DEGREES today. i'm quite thankful that mom got that a/c unit to sit in the window, boy howdee. *blinks at tv screen.* *erupts into laughter* how freaking hilarious. the weather man: "it's going to be hot today. so be careful. we're set to hit 100 degrees, and it will still be hot after the sun goes down. and dogs can't sweat. *pause* so their brains will fry. *pause* *shuffles feet* and it's going to be hot. *pause* and dogs don't like that. *continues with weather report* so, don't leave your dogs, your cats, or your senior citizens in the car."

sad about bob hope. in watching all the things shown about him on television, i wonder if he'll truly know how much joy he brought to the world. and here he is, thanking US for the memories. i also shudder to think that, at age 100, you pretty much have seen almost everyone you care for die along the way. *shudder*
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disco star

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first time ever, that i've seen my weather pixie say it was identical temperatures here in vancouver as it is in phoenix.


99 flipping degrees. though, HA HA!, it's more humid in phoenix, than here, which is ALSO freaking insane.

i'm sooooooo tiiiiiired today. course, i'm that way every day until everyone wants to go to bed, then i'm wide awake. it's arnada night, dunno if i'm going to go. if i'm even remotely as tired as i am now, it's so not gonna happen, though faetal said she'd kick me arse.

i'm trying to get caught up on journal responses. lol - i had almost 650 in my inbox this morning (AFTER clearing out the comics, junk mail, etc.), so i figured it was high time for me to work on it ;)

now, if i can just get my computer to work just a LITTTTTLE bit faster.


at least, the oldest is july 14th (i'm responding to the ones demanding you call mom for her bday lol), instead of almost 4 months behind, like they used to be.


i'll try to catch up on my friends page asap... love yoous!