July 30th, 2003

disco star

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i'm going blind (or, as i originally typed, glowing bind) from all the career websites that i've logged on/filled out/submitted/omitted/remitted.. blah. i'm beginning to resign myself to being a hermit computer wench for the rest of my freaking life. egads.

i finally quit when i went to one website, took FORTY FIVE MINUTES in filling out their profile, just to hit some bug at the end (on their end), which would not let me finish (or save) the darn thing. i wanted.. i wanted to KILL.. i wanted to.. to MAIM.... i wanted to.. HURT... make them HURT like they made ME HURT.


anyhoo.. snagged from talkingpotato from namestatistics.com or something like that...

ooooh, yeeeeeeah?!?

aubrey is the #495 most common male name.
0.019% of men in the US are named aubrey.
Around 23275 US men are named aubrey!

so HA!

oh.. heh.. for females, it's #1065. so that DOES prove my theory that 2ce as many boys have my name than girls.

so neener.

meanwhile.. i'm bored. sleepy. hot. melancholy. bored. humid. and i have computer eyes. i tried to entertain myself by playing Zelda on my little snes rom thingiemabob, but i got sick of dying.

so here i sit. drooling. waiting for it to cool off enough for me to bathe. so i can be at least a clean kabobbi.

p.s. - it's always shitty when bad things happen to good people. you know who you are. *hugs*