August 1st, 2003


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He got dolled up and dropped by
with fifty elephants llamas galore
his bears and lions and brass band and more
his forty fakirs, his cooks, his bakers
his birds that warble on key...
.. make waaay, for....*fill in the blank here:_______*

this freaking song has been going through my head for two freaking days STRAIGHT. so i'm in the process of snagging it from kazaa. maybe listening will get it out *getoutgetoutgetout!!!*.

i'm inhaling a tub of coffee and at least one english muffin.. faetal will be here to pick me up shortly, to go job hunting. i'm so not ready. meh.

has he got a zoo?
i'm telling you!
it's a world class managerie!

weird dreams last night, of running up hills (self explanatory what THAT means) and being left behind by my friends. there was a new years party, but i was busy talking to ozzy osbourn and ted nugent about randy rhodes, they were telling me his story, and showing me a mural they made for him, and i was SOOOOOBBBING, because i would never get a chance to meet such a being. they found it interesting he died on my 7th birthday (he did irl).. and i missed the countdown to the new year.

um, i was never a huge randy rhodes fan, although i respected his playing immensely.

he's a winner, he's a wiz, a wonder
he's about to pull my heart asunder
and i absolutely love the way he dresses!
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