August 4th, 2003

disco star

sleepy recollections of a fantastic day

soooo.. tiiiired.

but i had so much fun.

lots and lots of fun. :D

went with faetal (didnt' matter that we got lost, it was a beautiful day, the windows were down, the wind was in our hair, i got to eventually see where she grew up, it was all... perfect..) to jadisan's parents' house, where we set up for spa night for amanda's little bachelorette get-together-thingiemabob. lots of whores-devours (dunno how to spell, so it will be phonetically! ha!, er, uh.. or -durves. hoers deveurs? lmao. i'll stop trying now.), FIVE POUNDS of chocolate, lots of crackers and dips (and i'm not just talking about the guests! ha!). great fun was had, between the home made masques and the foot soaking, and such.. though it was weird hanging out with someone with a name so close to mine (aubbieincognito was there, so whenever i would hear "AUB" I would have to pause and wait for it to finish to see if it was for Brah or Bree.), we laughed for HOURS. i'm still amazed we all fit in the bathtub (i'll just let that stew in your imaginations for a bit! ha!)

then, it was off to faetal and jadisan's hut, where great fun was had between andrea, raygunzero and i (and andrea's cousin steve) playing everquest... Laeka is now to 27 1/2, which makes me very very happy. :D although she's stuck in The Overthere. hopefully she'll be able to find a group... it was exciting being able to group with everyone for the first time :D

sorry. i'm sleepy. i'm rambling. *snore*
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disco star

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first i felt goofy.

then i felt exhausted.

then i felt.. sick.

now i feel crampy. VERY crampy.

and sick.

i think i'll force feed myself some canned spaghetti, pain killers, and bedtime.
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