August 5th, 2003

disco star

why people should talk to me in ims..

mr_d_heart_the_second: heh, 'Sympathy for The Devil' just came on my mp3 player
mr_d_heart_the_second: *cranks it up*
aubkabob: oh?
aubkabob: Iggy and Angus just came on me
aubkabob: mine
mr_d_heart_the_second: !!
mr_d_heart_the_second: *image of Iggy Pop and Angus Young..*
aubkabob: TYPO
aubkabob: TYPO
mr_d_heart_the_second: *doing something rude*
mr_d_heart_the_second: *rotlf*
aubkabob: omg
aubkabob: i almost peed
aubkabob: omg
aubkabob: that was SUCH a typo
aubkabob: came on MY MP3 PLAYER
aubkabob: not on meeee
aubkabob: lmfao
aubkabob: *wipes tear from eye*
aubkabob: iggy and angus is a song by sloan lmao
mr_d_heart_the_second: *is singing the 'woo woo' bit*
aubkabob: oooh, that made me laugh
aubkabob: and i typed it as my brother was walking past me
aubkabob: and i was laughing so hard, i couldn't talk
disco star

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yay for Dat Phan!

with THAT out of my system...

learning and practicing my geetar tonight. it was a great feeling. it's been a long time since i had even taken my guitar out of its case, let alone played with new things and... *gasp* i even came close to finishing a new song! *rapture*

i'm in a great mood this evening. wasn't in such a great mood earlier, i had been down in the dumps and feeling.. bleh... you know, the "oh woe is me, my life sucks, misery misery, poop on my head" feeling? talking to people online helped a lot. i also got to actually HEAR bono_macphisto's voice (via yahoo)!! woo! i think i kept him up too long *bites lip*

if any of yooou would like to chat on yahoo sometime, look me up. :) couse, all i did today was giggle heinously through out most of it, so i wasn't thee best conversationalist, but it was still great fun :D

jess is going to the arnada, i'm not going to go.. methinks i'll go and play my guitar some more, or maybe some good ol eq. who knows what excitement the night will bring?
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