August 6th, 2003

disco star

kitty verdict is in..

so, we finally got into the back of the chair where Fluffy had her kittens. Jess held the chair forward, while i crawled back behind it and removed them.

Me: okay, here's one - it's so tiny! awww!
... two..
...OMG.. SEVEN?!?!?.. oh, that's just fluffy's stomach.

six kittens, all small enough to hold cradled in one hand/forearm against my stomach. three tabby, two solid grey, and one white one with grey on his back that looks EXACTLY like one of those ink splotch tests. we moved them to the little fake hearth and covered the entrance with a sheet, to make fluffy think it's her little private cave, where the kitties will never be disturbed... until she goes outside >:)
disco star

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have you ever.. craved.. a good cuddle? a nice spoon. someone to hold you and keep you safe, without sexual expectation? warm breath on your shoulder as their arms encompass you. a little gentle nudging of the nose along the back of the neck. the sound of their breath as they breathe you in.

or a careless splaying of limbs, with your head lying on their chest. the feeling of heaven, as they slowly run their fingers through your hair. the beauty of the silence, because neither one of you feel obligated to fill the air with anything but your.. your auras. the feeling of utter relaxation. the feeling of being.. home.

i miss that.
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