August 9th, 2003

disco star

because i'm a lemming...

Closest 50 non-Friends for aubkabob:

1: dreamstress, 2: brokenxwings, 3: mouser882, 4: fsucola, 5: lj_maintenance, 6: atillathehung, 7: news, 8: anti_thong, 9: coconutjer, 10: evanescencefans, 11: methusela365, 12: menchistears, 13: azjournal, 14: ernunnos, 15: elario, 16: egyptology, 17: daimon_quark, 18: jenniffer, 19: mezdeathhead, 20: bunnie, 21: n3zmg, 22: tefen, 23: neurocyde, 24: virtual_reality, 25: wlength_online, 26: worfpunk, 27: juiceboxhero, 28: xavierism, 29: annwn, 30: lj_nifty, 31: wordoftheday, 32: jimmyether, 33: arachne, 34: cebastiankraine, 35: lindyswinger, 36: sweedguy, 37: hannahbal, 38: hillo, 39: pigri, 40: mrblackcoffee, 41: historyavenger, 42: toxicpixie, 43: pixie_dusk, 44: audreygurrrll, 45: belladonna_9, 46: scarybex, 47: comic_getfuzzy, 48: schwa242, 49: nefertiti, 50: pookie143

that's quite interesting, kinda! i mean, i've certainly heard of a lot of them, like scarybex and jimmyether, and i've actually met a few in person, like tefen , ernunnos, and coconutjer. i know that some are alternative journals (who shall remain nameless out of courtesy), and some that used to be on my friends list, but departed (who also shall remain nameless).

interesting mix.

it also makes me wonder who's lists i popped up on! ^_^

anyhoo. i'm going to bed.

let's pray that i can sleep.

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doing the who will i marry lil thing that is popping up on everyone's friends list:

as aubkabob, i will be marrying JC from n'sync.
as aubrey, i will be marrying Brad Pitt in 2049, aparantly when we're both 500 years old. i'm sure the $82,000 wedding will be partially for our lavish wheelchairs and walkers, and the lovely streamers and flowers billowing softly from the back.

long, uneventful day. slept until 230, could have slept longer, except the phone rang a zillion freaking times, so i finally got up to release my bladder. it felt like i was carrying enough liquid to support a small farming community for a week. um, provided that the liquid i was carrying was not urine, of course.

it was delicious sleep. as you've prolly seen me whine about before, i have been having MASSIVE issues sleeping. i think that sheer exhaustion finally took over and caused me to 'brick out', aka sleep quickly, and sleep longly like someone thumped me with a large brick in the noggin. yes, i made that up. it shall be added to the next Dictionary of Aubrenese to be released some time later this year. great stocking stuffer. tell your family.

for those that give a rat's ass, and even for those that don't, my paladin is now level 31 and a half. that half is very important, you see, because if i die, then i get to stay 31. knowing my habit of "huh.. i wonder what's over HERE?", that's a good thing. i also played lots wtih my druid, Meriamele. i now have, on the Tarew Marr server:

31 Paladin Half Elf Laeka Villomehn
10 Druid Wood Elf Meriamele
6 Warrior Barbarian Nanciee
6 Shaman Barbarian Mannos
5 Enchanter High Elf Hylissa
3 Cleric Dwarf Tipptoe
3 Rogue Dark Elf

and then the lvl 14 bard that my brother made, Harmoniee

time to stuff my face with spaghetti.
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