August 12th, 2003

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i see linkin park in the first time in person. i'm a bit familiar with their music, but have never SEEN them.

they're like 12 freaking years old.

which makes me like 112.

egads, i'm getting old.

yeah, you kids with your big pants, and your colored chalk, and your neve cambell.. and your fanny packs and your nerf balls and listening to the no doubts... and your Pong and your Volkswagon Golf leases, and your notebooks, and the kids with the pierced i-dunno-what, and the rollerskates and the 23 skadoos and the listening to the Becks and the...
disco star

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two job interviews! woo!

one tomorrow at 9 am at Office Max, and another at 10 am on thursday at Michael's. Both part time, but i'll freaking take what i can get.

now, just to wow them with my personality.

all the other places i dropped apps off i called as well, most the hiring manager wasn't in, so they took messages, JoAnn's i'm sposed to call on Monday, and Coffee's On tomorrow before 2... Value Village, the one that i thought would be begging me to come in for an interview, said "mmmmyeeeaah. don't call us, we'll call you if we're interested. kaythxbye"

the only one i DIDN'T call was Subway, cuz i so don't want to work there. if these don't pan out immediately, i'll call and beg them, too.

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disco star

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"Come Undone" by Duran Duran is such a fucking sexy song. It makes me think of myself, hair down, spaghetti strap dress... daring shoes that lace partially up the calf... hair falling carelessly across one eye... my lips drip with shiny red gloss, my eyes surrounded by smoky darkness... i would dance carefully across the room, filled completely with the song and the beat, oblivious to anyone else. it wouldn't matter if they thought i was beautiful - i would be in a zone where only the music mattered...

are there any songs that make YOU feel like that?