August 13th, 2003

disco star


i'm on yahoo at the moment, and i have a webcam on me! oh the horror! come and talk to me as aubkabob :D you'll get to see the glory of me all in my flannel grubby scrubs and chubby cheeks and such!!

p.s. i'm always signed on as invis, so send me a tell...
disco star

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back from job interview #1, at Office Max.

I have my 2nd interview with them scheduled for tomorrow at 8 a.m.

she had told me to be expecting a call from them either today or tomorrow to set one up, but chased me down at the door to tell me to come back tomorrow morning anyway. she said that she didn't care whether or not the hiring manager would be ready, that she wanted me back in there, pounding on the door before they open, to get it taken care of.

good sign, i'm thinking. *praypraypray*

then my interview at Michaels, right next door, is at 10 am. what i would LIKE to do is to get both of them. convenience for travel, no?

anyhoo. i've had almost ZERO sleep. faetal and i are loopy as hell. we bought tequila. we thinks we shall drink it shortly, and be drunk and stupid all day :)