August 20th, 2003

disco star

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or should i say work(s)?

Michaels said that i am permanent there, not seasonal like i had thought, which makes me feel good. but i'm def. part time, getting 10 - 20 hours a week, so far.

Office max? scheduled me for what LOOKS like 40 hours next week. 5 days, full shifts. i dunno, i have to count my hours for sure.

i also work both jobs on saturday, LITERALLY back to back. 11 - 4 OM, 4 - close Michaels. e freaking gads. do i get a break in there to inhale some food? please?

so i'm working AT LEAST 8 days/nights in a row. maybe more, depending upon how they schedule me next week. i'm making 75 cents less an hour at michaels than i am at office max. i also know my paycheck with michaels will be 9/5 for my first check, no idea yet for OM.

other things to say, other things to deliberate, but i'm tired, STARVING, and need to sort my thoughts.
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