August 21st, 2003

disco star

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i'm sorry that i've been neglectful of my friends list lately.. i've just been so busy. next week isn't going to be any less busy.

hope everything is going well with yous, and know that although i haven't been able to keep up with my friends list lately, that i'm thinking about yous, and hope that everything is well.

i'm sorry that i haven't been around.
disco star

The (Mis)Adventures of Bus Riding in Vancouver...

you certainly meet some interesting people.

when i was waiting for my bus on the way to work yesterday, a woman sat next to me. she began griping about the bus being late. i stated that i was already late to work, and it was only my second day. she said something else, i said that i needed more coffee. the conversation then went like this:

Woman: i had some coffee this morning. then i just started.. COUGHING... and it was this deep cough, and once THAT started, i knew what was coming up next, so i ran to the bathroom, and sure enough, i threw up all of the coffee i had drank, and there was so much.. phlegm in it as well. i should know better than to drink coffee on an empty stomach, and there was so much snot and phlegm!...
Aubrey: well, THAT isn't good...
Woman: *goes off about phlegmy vomit and stuff as Aubrey starts looking around for the hidden cameras* and my COOCHIE hurts!
Aubrey: *scared* oh?
Woman: YES! it's just sad, cuz whenever i walk around, it hurts, when i sit down, it hurts...
*bus pulls up*

on the way HOME, two couples got on the bus, both about 20 years old, and one with two small children, the other with one little boy about 5 years old. i'm trying to watch them w/o looking like i'm outright staring....

Little Boy *turning to woman with two kids*: I'm a BOY TOY!
Woman starts laughing.
Little Boy's Father: yeah, he wants so badly to bed my older sister! ha ha! he keeps flirting with her and asking her to do it!!

*blink* yeeeah. that kids gonna be fun once he actually HITS puberty.

those conversations were just as much fun as one that my friend lori and i overheard in wendy's one day:

Mother: you know who your uncle will be once he gets married!?
Little Boy: MY DADDY!
Mother: *proudly* that's RIGHT!