August 23rd, 2003

disco star

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Back from faetal's, where i spent last night and today hanging out with her, raygunzero, jadisan, and steve, dinking around with EQ. My Paladin is now level FOURTY-ONE. weee doggie! i can now group with Enviee AND Carne AND Kininea! wooo!

i also managed to die three times in the span of one half hour. The Hole is my nemesis. or whatever.

i'm sleepy. already stressing about the work week.. tomorrow, i work from 11-4 at Office Max, and 4 - close at Michaels, which makes for a long day, and then tomorrow 12 - close at OM, and Monday is 9 - 5. No busses running after i get off work for the next couple of days, so that will be fun.

i'm rambling and unentertaining, and for that i apologize. i'm going to bed now.

love you.