August 24th, 2003

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so tired.

weary and such.


just woke up, getting ready to begin day two (2) of at least 8 days straight working.

okay, now i need your advice.

i need to put down specific hours of availability at both places, so as to not have them overlap each other again (while Michaels was VERY understanding the first few times, i doubt they will want to continuously remove me from a day they have scheduled or allow me to come in a few minutes late.)

so, after much deliberation, i had thought i might do my hours of availability like this:

Office max 6 a.m. - 330
Michaels 4 - close (which is 930 ish)

so, when i showed up to OM yesterday a half hour before my shift, and a manager was in the back loading cardboard into the compactor, i told him of my plan, thinking smugly to myself that since Michaels was so understanding about my needing two jobs to suppliment the income for my family that has.. well.. no income, that they would be quite understanding of my little situation.

so, i walk up to Scott, and say "hi. i need to see what i need to do in order to change my availability a bit."



10 minutes later, after i picked my head up off the floor and reattached it after he had RIPPED IT OFF, i went in to have coffee before my shift.

long, long day. 11 - 4 at Office Max, an hour and a half into it, my feet were already killing me. Clocked out at 4 (with a perfect till, thankyouverymuch), walked next door into Michaels, changed my pants, stuffed two hand fulls of corn chips into my face as i put on my apron, clocked in, and stocked Christmas ornaments.

my feet hurt so bad by the time i left (and not to say anything about my back, knees, hips, etc.), that i felt like i had to throw up a few times. it was that bad. surprised the hell out of me.

so faetal and antialias came to pick me up from work, the dears that they are, and dropped me off home, where i collapsed in my chair and whined about evil managers and exploding feet to my mom. took ibuprofin and went to bed with jimmy fallon talking in the background. had dreams of bringing my pet leopard to a Nickel Creek soundcheck. They were playing that night with Barenaked Ladies, in case you were curious. They were working out a duet on "it's all been done".) The leopard was resting it's lantern jaw on my shoulder as it slept.. someone came in with two panthers, and the leopard became territorial and went to attack them, scratching my neck badly in the process.

now i'm awake again, and dreading having to do the whole thing over (only all the hours at Office Max). my feet are still killing me, and what is UP with my knee? *glares at left leg* i can do this, i know i can do this.

i hate being such a weenie after having a cushie desk job for the last 5 years.

i just want the pain to STOP.
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disco star

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hee hee hee...

My LiveJournal Sitcom
Life With aubkabob (TNN, 3:00): aubkabob (Patricia Arquette) tries to seduce ragdoll (John Travolta) at a deserted mansion. Later that day, pollytrance (Harvey Keitel) thinks megatokyocomic (David Spade) is a Martian. Nearby, imnotbob (Harry Belafonte) marries pentomino (Penelope Cruz)'s masseur. That weekend, mikewelch (Jackie Chan) likes novels, but scaraharem (Sheena Easton) thinks they're disgusting. At the same time, chasing (Billy Bob Thornton) accidentally throws away onceupon (Halle Berry)'s beef jerky. (Part 1 of 2.)
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second try...

My LiveJournal Sitcom
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and finally..

My LiveJournal Sitcom
Life With aubkabob (TNN, 3:00): aubkabob (Patricia Arquette) tries on soulfly1974 (Willem Dafoe)'s pants without permission. That same day, ragdoll (John Travolta) hypnotizes elysiangirl (Milla Jovovich) but it doesn't work. Afterwards, cagedguitarboy (Sarah Silverman) can't open breadandcircus (Peter Sellers)'s jar of pickles. Nearby, dogmeat (Marisa Tomei) and tarnish09 (Tom Berenger) write a children's book. Later that day, herbaliser (Omar Epps) bites yoko (Ray Liotta). Craziness ensues.
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did i show up in any of yours?