August 25th, 2003

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dreams remembered..

egads, i just remembered the dream i had last night!

mom didn't have many friends, never left the house (much like irl), but her friends that would come over, there were three: Brett Michaels (Poison), Sebastian Bach (Skid Row), and some other guy that i can't freaking remember. i remember that Brett Michaels was using her to hit on me, and i kept telling him to go the freak away, and i kept saying "no! you're a creepy old man! get the hell away from me and my mother!" and he would retort "but i'm Brett Michaels!" and i would say disgustedly "i don't give a hooey, you're a freaky old man! go away!" and that he kept trying to climb in my window at night. *shudder*

i then went to a club that was run by Rikki Rachtman. I met him outside, and he had replaced most of his front teeth with silver ones, and some faux silver fangs, and that it looked really ridiculous, and that i told him "dood. why did you do that? you're going to end up a really old man with funky teeth, and your fangs are even crooked!" Faster Pussycat was the house band (Taime and Rikki being such close friends and all), and i was sooo excited about seeing them live, cuz i had always wanted to. (really. promise.) they were much like Paul Schaffer is to David Letterman, they would play between bands and stuff, but i had missed most of the set. i can't remember who was playing on stage, though.

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(no subject)

also, i'm behind, as always..

being on dial up and on a tiny slow computer sucks.

i AM reading you, though, i promise!

just a few quick notes here...

karinberry - i'm the same way, almost never cry, although this year has been uber emotional for me. i think i've cried more this year than i have the last 5 combined.
mercsailor - it IS going to be a long week. Count on it. *sigh*
the_dibbler - i am SO hungry now, thankyouverymuch!
sarcastica - big hugs!
silverwraith - glasses are HIGHLY overrated ;)
_nightsky - so, i assume, if i do any of the quizzes you do, since we have the same name, it will be the same answer?!? ^_- thank you for doing them FOR me! *hee*
way2tired - that is SO something i would do! egads, it is! provided i had a wife... and a car...
sleepymischief - egads. i've been to SO many showers. hated most of them because i never knew/had anything to wear. such weird things they are!
kimie - hold him in your heart. no matter how far apart you grow, it still hurts. *hugs*
herbaliser - good luck! i'll say a Spice Prayer for ya!
xyr0 - Pen Pen. Definitely Pen Pen.
kabandra - wow. such spectacular pictures, with such amazing history. thank you so much for letting me see those!
bit_o_jane - welcome home!
sexyscholar - need me to get Tony and his Mooks out on his ass? ;)
sciurism - meow, indeed.

and that is all of the cryptic messaging for now. maybe i'll get to more later.

luv yoos.
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more quick replies..

hee, good response from earlier, so i shall do a few more!

since i'm on dial up and get booted FREQUENTLY from onlineness, i wanted to drop you a few cryptic noted replies to your posts:

rockangel312 - i personally can't think of a BETTER way to spend the last day of summer! *drool*
endless_fever - argh on inconsiderate people, and congrats on belonging. nothing can beat that, it's a good feeling! ^_^
frobear - if i were Xena or She-Ra or other, i would SO move that for you. but i unfortunately have the muscles of pee wee herman. and your mini rant is SO what i wanna be when i grow up. yay for goals.
brosely - izzat the one with the western?
pollytrance - i'll never understand them, either.
atariprincess - family. bah.
norsican - take it easy. definitely.
faetal - not in any relation to your post, but i had one of those "if someone walks in right now, HOW would i explain THIS?!?" situations yesterday. maybe i'll remember it.
shari - magnafique!
alildragonlover - if it weren't for work drama, we would have nothing to talk about with our coworkers outside of work! ^_^
grailgirl - you hath landed my dream retail job. well, maybe not DREAM, but purdy darn close to it! does a good employee discount come with that name tag?
jama_o_kuzusu - ooooOOOOOooo!!! i LIKE! bueno!
cmerun12 - sorry for the delay. i SO need to go there, too! maybe someday! *hugs*
thefaux - i opt for tight black meself ;)
babytitmouse - it's just a jump to the left...

maybe more later. maybe not. i cannot WAIT to get a good connection, someday when i grow up.

speaking of growing up, it looks like i'll be moving in with faetal in a couple of months! yay!